Al Sharpton’s Eulogy for Michael Brown

The Reverend Al Sharpton gave the following eulogy for Michael Brown yesterday, Monday 25 August 2014 at the Friendly Temple on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard in St. Louis, Missouri.

The following text is excerpted from the Wikipedia page on the “Shooting of Michael Brown.”

Brown’s funeral was hosted at the Friendly Temple Missionary Baptist Church, in St. Louis on Monday, August 25 at 10:00 a.m. Brown will be interred at St. Peter’s Cemetery in St. Louis County. The Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity offered to pay the entire costs for the memorial and funeral services.

At a rally held the day before, Brown’s family asked that supporters suspend their protests for one day out of respect for the funeral proceedings. “All I want tomorrow is peace while we lay our son to rest. Please, that’s all I ask,” Brown’s father said.

Three White House officials attended Brown’s funeral, including Broderick Johnson, head of the White House’s “My Brother’s Keeper Task Force”; Marlon Marshall, who attended high school with Brown’s mother; and Heather Foster, who works in the Office of Public Engagement.

The service was attended by thousands of people, including 2,500 filling the sanctuary, and others in an overflow auditorium which was also full. An estimated 2,000 additional people were on church property for the funeral. Al Sharpton, delivered one of two eulogies for Brown. Eric Davis, one of Brown’s cousins, said at the funeral, “[s]how up at the voting booths. Let your voices be heard, and let everyone know that we have had enough of all of this.”

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