St. Louis circa 1876

Compton & Dry Title Sheet

Pictorial St. Louis

~ the great metropolis of the Mississippi valley; a topographical survey drawn in perspective A.D. 1875, by Camille N. Dry; designed & edited by Rich. J. Compton.

St. Louis, Compton & co., 1876.


Click on the image below to see an enlargement of this view of St. Louis from the Illinois side of the River circa 1832.



Click on the image below to see the entire plate representing the Eads Bridge.



Click on the image below to view a compressed image of the full panoramic view of the city with each sheet of the aerial perspective combined to create a single image.

St. Louis Compton & Dry, 1876


Click on the image below to view the key map which indicates the location of each of the pages of the document. You can find all of the original scans of these drawings available for viewing and download on this web page.


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