Below are links to pages associated with each of our walking tours (in alphabetical order. When you click on these links you will see additional links with breakdowns of sub-categories. The photographs are shown as thumbnail images (top image below). When you click on one of the images you’ll load a larger resolution image that you can copy and download (see lower image below). If you need a higher resolution image suitable for printing (as in “The Book”), send me an email with a link to the page and I can email you an even larger file.



Example of the full page displays of the tour photographs. Clicking on one of the thumbnail images will open a new page with a larger image. At the bottom of these pages (when there are more than twelve images) you can click on “previous” or “next” or the page number.


Example of a larger full size image that you can copy and download. The file name (for reference) is shown at the top of the image. At this location you can also click on “Index” to get back page of thumbnails. You can also use “Previous” and “Next” to move through the images sequentially.